Our mission is to save lives with products that make a difference, at watercourses of all shapes. By the beach, the jetty, the boat house, the sauna, the pool, the sea and the lake. Whether it is for the home, or for a hotel, restaurant, golf club or beach club near the water. Oxcala designs, sells and markets lifebuoys and accessories made in Sweden with the highest quality personalization.


Oxcala were founded in 2010 when founder Jonas applied for a lifebuoy for his house near the sea in Onsala, southwest of Gothenburg (Sweden). He was looking for a personal and functional lifebuoy. Then there was only one player, in a single color. The idea, with being able to create a lifebuoy that highlights one's style, without thumbing on safety, was born. The family merged their wise heads, with their common passion for archipelago and boating and long professional experience of sales and marketing, and started the journey. The brand Oxcala was launched. The own design is manufactured in Sweden.